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Hi, I'm Paula Johnson - your Global Assistant.  Having spent the best part of 34 years in administration and finance positions, it's now time to spread my wings further afield and help others around the world achieve their goals - by taking the overload, overwhelm, and some of the stress out of your projects - giving you time and breathing space to concentrate on other priorities.

So, whether you're a solo entrepreneur, small business, student, writer, or blogger, I can help you. I specialise in helping people where English is not their native language - so if you're writing an essay or dissertion, an e-book, or anything in-between, Iet's get your content checked and correct for your tutor, exam, or world-wide audience!

Paula has been one of these "remarkable women" I have met in Bali.

As a writer, journalist, and photographer, she helped me set up my Word Press website in a very professional way. She managed the whole process, from domain name registration, the organisation of the data base, Mail Chimp, the insertion of articles, pictures, videos and more.

For six weeks we have worked together and Paula has not only always been a model of integrity - respecting our agreement as to schedule, being on time every morning, and walking her talk - she also brought in a wealth of knowledge.

Her experience about the how-to’s, ability to look for answers elsewhere, insightful creativity with a fine sense of aesthetics and of wording; was invaluable. She has shown full respect for all confidential matters regarding passwords, personal data and content of the site as it was slowly building up.

Beyond an impeccable professional attitude, Paula proved to have a warm, generous heart, a positive uplifting spirit and a great sense of humour. Today we maintain a very friendly online relationship as she is now back in New Zealand where we both look forward to further collaboration.

I highly recommend Paula to anyone who needs a "global assistant" of great talent and depth.

Marie Bee

Ubud, Bali, October 2013

Marie Bee
Writer / Artist

I loved working with Paula - she was exactly what I wanted and needed. My book is quite personal and at first I feared that a proof reader might change my style or use a different wording, but Paula was fantastic. It still is my book - only ‘ship shape’ in proper English. She also took the time to review the end result and I am very grateful for that.She is worth every penny!

Deborah Hurst